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We as Stattmers all there the team will share any small to big movements and any related topics in the group, and also it is the biggest place to keep care about stattm progresses.


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Private Sales

Private Sales Sold so far

1000000 STTM - softcap

$500 Raised So far

Click it to fill registration form in some simple steps, find out more when you logged in, you can get STTM tokens via bounty tasks and affiliate airdrop, we accept ETH and we recommend Metamask! extension to buy and hold our tokens.

We accept Eth :  

Crowd-sale Distribution

Price Note: 1 STTM = $0.30 and You must pay the USD amount via ETH!

The private sales will start on 25 august 2018 to 9 October.
Any tokens unsold in private sales will be sold in the pre-ICO.

Duration of private sales campaign is 45 days.
This process will only happen in the pre-ICO.
Discount = 66% | plus 10% bonus in each transaction
supply = 5m | one fixed amount for private sales and pre-ICO

Pre-ICO Campaign

11 October 2018

* Duration is 45 days
* Pre-ICO amount: 5m STTM
* Softcap: 1m STTM
* Current price : $0.30 | Discount: 66%
* After discount: 1STTM = $0.10
no bonuses.

ITO Campaign

15 JANUARY 2019

* Duration is 45 days
* ITO amount: 25m STTM
* Softcap: 8m STTM
* Hardcap: 20m STTM
* Discount Tiers listed below
all unsold tokens will burn.

1STTM = $0.30

Tier 1 | 10 days = $0.30 – 66% = $0.10 = 6000 STTM
Tier 2 | 10 days = $0.30 – 63% = $0.11  = 5454 STTM
Tier 3 | 10 days = $0.30 – 60% = $0.12 = 5000 STTM
Tier 4 | 10 days = $0.30 – 56% = $0.13 = 4615 STTM
Tier 5 |   5 days = $0.30 – 53% = $0.14 = 4285 STTM

ICO Campaign

28 MARCH 2019

* Duration is 45 days
* ICO amount: 35m STTM
* Softcap: 15m STTM
* Hardcap: 30m STTM
* Discount Tiers listed below
all unsold tokens will burn.

1STTM = $0.30

Tier 1 | 10 days = $0.30 – 50% = $0.15 = 4000 STTM
Tier 2 | 10 days = $0.30 – 43% = $0.17 = 3529 STTM
Tier 3 | 10 days = $0.30 – 36% = $0.19 = 3157 STTM
Tier 4 | 10 days = $0.30 – 30% = $0.21 = 2857 STTM
Tier 5 | 5 days = $0.30 – 16% = $0.25 = 2400 STTM

End sale Price = $0.25
STTM will automatically hit $0.30 before entering to exchanges

Special Gift

You are not investing only but with any transaction you are buying a Zax Theme WP theme License or any design web app, themes, templates, Email to our sales team and include your etherscan transaction details and ask your Zax theme copy or any other premium theme, app, graphics, materials and templates for free! that our development partner will provide them to our clients. It means you are buying a product and investing in one time with one price.



Stattm is a new generation of ERC20, A cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. it’s an extreme smart contract platform.


Stattm solves these problems, Over 40% of merchants budget is spent on commissions charged by multi payable payment systems.


Stattm decentralized system is a theory which lower level components can operate on local information to accomplish global chain.

Best Crypto Exchange EVER - Banqeum

Stattm will make Crypto exchange environment more decentralized. By creating An Exchange with no fees! Banqeum as a global decentralized Bank. can you imagine what this will bring to our world?, An exchange with no fees! safety banking, a new era will be made with our exchange, Banqeum your #1 Banq!

The Advanced Marketplace - Marketplace

Stattm as the website will be a decentralized and advanced Marketplace. where you can buy future products with cheap prices!, the mechanism is same as an investing, you as a buyer will invest in an upcoming product with small price paying STTM and with the increase and the release time you can buy the product 10x cheaper than other people.

Meet Stattm Project

Stattm connects P2P users via crypto payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates to provide one frictionless experience to use it as a digital currency globally. Stattm is that Instant invest-able & banking with Ethereum platform, Stattm is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services.

  • list-1
    Connectivity across blockchains
  • list-2
    Instant, on-demand settlement
  • list-3
    Operative speed & liquidity costs

Privacy Is Priority

With Stat Transactions Mazuma Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures users activity is private but history and balances are public. with curiosity you can count on. Transactions are confirmed by ERC20 ether blocks computing power on ethereum servers hosted around the world as the most powerful blockchain ever.

_Highest Scalability
_Insurances, fail Fee returns
_Ease Knowledge (best wallets)
  • Scale economy through decentralization leading to significant decrease in transaction, and unlimited blocks to any booming limit.
  • No more mining-pools and dreamy insurances, invest on ICO can be profit-able 10x bigger than mining and any other lies in business.
  • Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments.
  • use-able tokens can be used for your banking, investing or trading goals via the app and any related exchanges also the safe wallets. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-revolution/ to know how the trading apps can execute your daily trade conveniently.
  • On STTM decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won’t breach the security off.
  • STTM scalability performing more interest on trading and sharing via the safety, cheap and speed of the platform transactions.

Stattm Future Incredible Projects 





1 STTM = $0.30

Private sale / pre-ICO
25 AUG 18 / 11 OCT 18

15 JANUARY 2019

28 MARCH 2019


100,100,100  STTM

5,000,000  STTM

25,000,000  STTM

35,000,000  STTM

  • PUBLIC SALE : 65 %
  • ALL AIRDROPS : 3 %
Team & employees
+ 100,100 STTM A Special Gift
Advisors + integrations
Reservation Freezing
Tokens Availability
No mine-able, 100% pre-mined

Tokens details

What does STTM token represent
STTM is a profitable token. The token is an integral part of the Stattm ecosystem and can be used as an internal payment mean or to get access to Stattm’s services.
ICO goal
pre-ICO, ITO and ICO campaigns will be started and 65% of the tokens will be sold to public. the rest of other tokens will be spend to each team emploees, advisors and bounty plus company future costs and services. any unsold ICO tokens over softcaps will be burned. and can’t be used again.
100% pre-mined. Any unsold tokens over softcaps will be burned with campaigns ends, Fail Softcaps funds will be returned to investors, Stattm Ltd. will restart campaigns with a new plan announcing the process to the community..
Stattm Token info
Type: ERC20 – Symbol: STTM – Total: 100 million coins – Blockchain: Ethereum

00000 STTM - SOLD

We accept Eth :  

Open Source

Stattm Software Model is Licensed with GPL3, MIT,
its free to modifications.




David Holmes
“Entrepreneur, 7 years in Technical &  fundamental Graph Analyst, Cryptocurrency Trader, Banqeum Mastermind, web developer.”

COO, CO_Founder Linkedin

Karwan Mino
“15 years in Web design, UI & UX developer, 9 years in trading, 6 years in financial and banking, 5 years in crypto blockchains.”

CEO, Founder Linkedin

Idris Rabiu
“A Young Skilled IT Entrepreneur, Mobile App Developer with 5 years experience, Data Analyst, Crypto Enthusiast.”

Luis Pain 
“IT engineering Master Degree, Software developer, Stattm Smart contract writer, Master mind blockchain node math developer.”

Blockchain Developer

Mark Joseph 
“19 years in construction industry, 7 years in ICO and crypto age, MaZee, IMMLA, REMME and Thinkcoin Communities manager.”

General Manager Linkedin

Ramon Arnel 
“18 years in Marketing processes, Hero of most Asian ICO successes, community developer and digital grower, Crypto investor.”

Marketing Officer Linkedin

Patience Peter Ovie 
“5 years in Entrepreneurship, Quality analyst, Content Writer, Cryoto Enthusiast, A business start up Trainer, Skilled mindset.”

Content Writer Linkedin

Myra D Barros 
“Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Stattm Communication officer, Deputy Secretary, OPSS Dept, CRYPTO ANALYST.”

CCO of Stattm Linkedin


CEO, Co_Founder Linkedin

Karwan Mino
“15 years in Web design, UI UX development, networking, 9 years in trading, 6 years in financial and loans banking, 3 years in cryptocurrency blockchains.”


Company Process at baby steps to worldwide

Q4 / 2016

(Founding Stattm, Project Research)

Q3 / 2017

(Stattm Concept and Technical Design)

Q1 / 2018

(Bounty ANN + Issuance of Stattm Tokens)

Q2 / 2018

(Registered Stattm As a Ltd Company in UK)

Q1 / 2018

(Building a remote team +
Seeking for partnership and Advisors)

Q2 / 2018

(Registration and whitelisting,
constructing the stattm plan)

Q3 / 2018

(Smart contract Testing and Deployment)

Q3 / 2018

(Sale Design development, project organizing)

Q4 / 2018

(Private Sale + Pre-ICO, Bounty/Airdrop Distribution)

Q1 / 2019

(Starting ITO, Bounty/Airdrop Distribution)

Q1 / 2019

(mobile wallet apps development)

Q1 / 2019

(Starting ICO + Listing STTM Token at Various Exchanges /Airdrop Distribution)

Q2 / 2019 (Launching Banqeum exchange, Stattm event in Cyprus)
Q1 / 2020 (Launching of Stattm Marketplace Test version with stattm partners)
Q2 / 2021 (Stattm conferences, Dubai, hong kong Stattm international Events)
Q3 / 2021 (Building Stattm Stores in UK, integrate multi quick delivery methods)
Q4 / 2021 (First Marketplace future products sale using cheap price method,
Starting Sale current products in same old marketplaces models)

Prices starting at $0.10 per STTM token to UP during ICO campaigns* hold it lower!

Hurry Up to Hodl now, Take higher STTM Tokens. We also have bonuses for investments over $1k

A Small Total supply with a Tiny value is the best Choice!

Partners and Media Activity

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